g00d morning!

Since I was ranting about Bb. Pilipinas last night, I totally feel obliged to jot down the winners here. That's even if I didn't get to finished the entire show. I was super sleepy, my eyes couldn't take it anymore. I was really determined to stay up until it's over or at least until the Q&A portion but my sanity sinks in, I realized that it's not worth my headace! lolz!

So they were crowned! Here are the winners...

Bb. Pilipinas International- Melody Gersbarch
Bb. Pilipinas Universe- Pamela Biance Manalo
Bb. Pilipinas World- Mary Ann Umali
1st Runner-up- Richelle Angalot
2nd Runner-up- Regina Hahn

Hmmm... watching the uploaded videos of the pageant now makes me disappointed especially the Q&A thingy. Ms. Rich, you messed up... but it's fine, still like you though. Alright, I'm done. I'm done with this girlalu thing.