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Drug addiction! So much effort has been put to battle this cruel enemy. It ruined so many lives, young and old, rich or poor. Drug rehabilitation centers is one definite solution for victims, and their family as well. Counseling, therapy, medication, and community work are just among the many ways to fight the urge of using drugs. It may seemed easier said than done. True, most of the victims and their family find it hard to ask for professional help. The fear of being judge and embarrassment prevents them from doing so. But it should not be the reason to find the right drug rehab centers for the patient's specific need.

Do you know about an online site where drug addicts, alcoholics, eating disorders, dual diagnosis sufferers, their family and loved ones could meet online and share their experiences, strength, and hope. Through forums, blogs, and other multimedia system, they can now join this online recovery community. Aside from that, they also got the widest directory of over 8,000 rehabilitation centers. Drug treatments are now available. Addicts can recover, families can cope, and the public can now be informed.

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