I'm constantly feeling tired, why? Feels like an old machine busted lol! My poor wrist complains the most, perhaps I'm making her do all the work. I really need a break, but why? Am not busy! I guess I'm just too jealous with what my father has been up to lately. Like right now, he went out-of-town again. Then he's planning another trip again, and I honestly, truly, madly want to go too! Plus the weather sucks! I mean, it's so humid and after a while the rain would pour so hard. My migraine hates it so bad! Oh I need my comfort food! And oh, why am I complaining? My worries are senseless. This is enough!

Anyway speaking of travel, what are your plans for the coming summer? My ultimate summer vacation would probably be a visit to Hawaii, where the mighty waves and mystic nature meets, just a wishful thinking though, lol! And speaking of Hawaii, you may want to check out some Honolulu Real Estate, who knows, you're soon to say "Aloha!"


djtammy said...

wow! Hawaii :-) mukang beach bum ka ah! Hawaii is a surf spot.

Di natuloy yung Thailand trip ko nong Feb. I guess I will just head to Manila next month for a short/mini vacation.

Baguio and Pangasinan are my options for summer :-)