Having a network of good friends may well increase a person's life span, reports one Journal. A study of nearly 1,500 individuals aged 70 or over examined how relationships affected longevity over a ten-year period. Individuals with a strong network of friends had a mortality rate 22 percent lower than those with few friends. Active friendships also have a positive effect among the elderly when it comes to "depression, self efficacy, self esteem, coping and morale, or a sense of personal control," says the report.

Indeed nothing beats friendship. It is the most important foundation to any relationship. It's the bond that gets you through the test of time. Hmmm... does this include online friends too? It depends I think. The cyber world allows anybody to be somebody their not. So choose friends wisely, offline or online. Ei!


Rose said...

talagang mahirap makakakita ng totoong kaibigan offline or in real life. minsan pa nga kung sino pa ung bestfriend mo siya pa nagiging kaaway mong mortal.