Wishing to get rid of these thoughts... Come on, gimme a break!!!

~ It was the college grad of my cousin Vine yesterday. Ei baye, congratulations for being a cumlaude! Although not officially but to us, you beat'em all no doubt! Winks!!!
~ Hmmm, I wonder why do they all have to wear tube dresses during the grad. Duh! they all looked-alike! Umalin, LOL!
~ The thoughts of cassava cake disturbs me since last wednesday. Errr, want it sooo bad!
~ I want to kick someone's butt! Who's the lucky girl? Marian Rivera.... she's so annoying!!!
~ Might give "Mui the cat" a bath. Let's see...
~ I'd like to visit a friend. It's been decades...gooshh!
~ "Strawberry"??? What's with her???
~ Will definitely support the "Earth Hour" tomorrow. No blogging for an hour, lolz!