Polish adventure

When you think of dream vacation, what comes to your minds? Paris, Rome, Hawaii? Well how about Poland! There are so many beautiful tourist destinations in Poland. Some of the most famous are the Bieszczady Mountains, a paradise for nature lovers and a haven for thrill seekers. The Gdansk City, situated by the sea, this lovely maritime city is the perfect place for all the beach bums. And if you like to have a blast from the past, Auschwitz tours is the right one for you! A witness to one of the most cruel period in mankind's history, Auschwitz adventure will indeed make you travel back in time.

Escape2Poland is a trusted online company that organizes such tours. From your flights, accomodations, tours, transportation, they cater it all. Hmmm..that will surely be an unforgettable escape to Poland!


Stefan Ziegler said...

this is 100% true! Poland is a great place to visit! My wifes comes from Warsaw so we are there offen. And when we want to travel across the country we call Paul and he is helping us with everything! Check his website:
Greetings for every polish fans! :)