i need a lamp!

After spending hours in front of the laptop, I'd always end-up having a headache. Since I refuse to wear eyeglasses anymore, my astigmatism might worsen. Oh well, in the first place I really hate wearing an eyeglass. And as far as I can remember, I'd always find myself reading or writing with no adequate lightning. Like right now, blogging with a dim light lol!

It's not good I know, my eyes might pay the price. Am planning to buy a desk lamp soon since it's more functional at night especially if I'm doing task or whatever. So right now, my fingers are doing some lurking. Trying to search the right desk lamps that suits my needs, of course that's budget friendly as well. I really like the lamps and lamp shades from Farrey's. Stylish and functional and affordable too. Hmmm.. let's see if I could find something like it here in our place, that I doubt lol!