once upon a time

I am a chubby girl, my waistline is 33 and my hips measurement is 44! Yei, that was before. My teenage years were spent indulging into food which drives me crazy lol! But when I realized that I really should be taking care of myself, I decided to lose weight. It was a struggle, a battle and am glad I've won! Today I'd like to think am fit and healthy. I do exercise 3 times a week and although am not in a diet, I choose the food that I eat. Well not really, I'm still a lover of yummy junk foods lol!

Looking back, hehe.. I'd like to thank my father for buying a treadmill. I didn't even think I needed some exercise until that machine arrived. Oh and also the bike, the store offered a buy one take one deal so we got both. I'm just glad I've made the decision to changed my lifestyle. For those who like to lose some pounds, you really can do it. Determination and decipline are what you need to succeed. And yes of course, don't forget those exercise partners like treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, agile, they really can make our job and goal a lot easier.

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