eeww, yummy!

Free Smileys & Emoticons at Clip Art Shockzzz! That was my first reaction when I saw my sister this morning. We chat everyday and I know what's happening with her life though we're many miles away. But yeah, she surprise me! How? By showing something that made me gone insane. Her gums were swollen and her teeth were coming out. I was like, MAN what happened to your teeth ate?!!! I was worried and everything until my sister started laughing! Duh, it was a joke, a hilarious joke!

What she had was this, candy teef chewing gum with edible teeth! Yes you read it right, it's an edible denture! A row of exceptional bad teeth complete with receding gums. You wear the denture by chewing the included bubblegum, which according to my sister taste so good, then using it to stick the denture to your real teeth. After looking so stupid with those goofy teeth, you can now eat the gums and the teeth....Yikes, how delightful LOL!

It may sound weird, stupid, gross and nasty but I would definitely love to try it! I told her to send some for me ASAP, so I can show off that killer smile lolz! Oh and yeah, it would be nice to take a close-up shot with those teeth... for my default pic...hmmmm what do you think??? Free Smileys & Emoticons at Clip Art Errrr... forgive me if I sounded so nasty!


anne said...

Ill asked terry to bring me some hehehe nakakaintriga to ah lol

SHALEE said... to try that one..XD