she's doing some drug testing

I've been waiting for JM's buzz for hours already, we have a date tomorrow and I need her confirmation. We both need a hair treatment and tomorrow's the "day." But the girl is so busy I guess, on duty at the lab today. Since it's back to school once again, the college department implies a compulsory drug test for everyone. But until now, to be honest, am still doubtful if the results are indeed accurate. Well, that I do not know! Nevertheless, the effort in knowing whether the students are drug users deserves compliment. Facts shows that drug addiction is very rampant among youngsters most especially. Often times, they're just into it out of curiosity and peer pressure. Not knowing, they are putting their lives and future in jeopardy.

Drug treatment centers provides the right help for patients and their family as well. Apparently, it helped many drug addicts and alcoholics lived life again. We have a rehab center nearby our place and everytime I pass by there, I see patients doing exercises, from afar though. A patient really need an immediate help as soon as addiction strikes, drug treatment is one good option to consider. By the way, for those who lived in the U.S, you probably heard about Michael's House already. It's one of the trusted, most efficient drug rehabilitation center all over the states. If you happen to know someone who needs such professional aid, the house is always there to serve.

Got to be going, need to find JM! LOLZ!


Jaz said...

Choosing the right residential treatment center can be difficult, whether for you, a loved one or a professional client.