help for asthmatics

Mom and I went to the doctor again this afternoon for my follow-up check up. Good thing my asthma got better compared to how it was several days ago. Breathing became a hard thing to do, asthma sufferers know exactly what I mean. But to be honest, I was surprised when I had an attack last week. I had cough and colds, yes, but to me it seems pretty normal. I mean, flu is very much common these days with all the nasty weather and dirty environment. I didn't see my asthma coming, my last attack was years ago and I really thought it has vanished. But as my doctor explained again what causes it, well, it made me realized that am vulnerable as ever before.

Did you know that there are over 300 million asthma sufferers worldwide? Although it is said to be hereditary, the environment, our surroundings, and even the food we eat can trigger cruel asthma attacks. As for my part, I'm pretty sure it's because of the road constructions being done here in our city. None dust control guidelines being given which cause so much dust and pollutants. The stinky smell as well of some irresponsible neighborhood who doesn't care enough, throwing every garbage and dirt as they please. I can only name a few of what causes asthma. I just hope the newly issued dust abatement and PM10 regulations be implemented the world over. Its goal is to have a cleaner, dust-free environment which will truly help asthma sufferers like you and me.

BTW, you might wanna check out the links guys. I got useful tips here on how to prevent my asthma, winks!

Good night bloggers, see ya tomorrow!