math and me!

Math- my ever dreaded word for life, lol! I really didn't hate math that much until I had this teacher who was so mean. She's making the lives of her students miserable and instead of helping us out on the subject, she made it such a traumatic experience. I managed my grades well though, but since then, I hated mathematics. The idea of looking at numbers and formulas gives me a terrible headache!

Anyway, am pretty sure a lot of you have this mutual feeling with regards to the subject. Remember those days when the professor declares a math exam? When no matter what we do, we still can't figure out that math lecture note! But well, we can't avoid mathematics. It'll forever remain a part of our lives so might as well deal with it. Know how? We got this hero online- Course Hero, the social learning network. Basically, it's where students across the globe submit documents such as study guides, homework solutions, papers, and test answers. They then share it with other members of the community through forums which allows them to collaborate with other students. And I'm talking about math here, yes, now it's possible to befriend mathematics.

Think I need this, perhaps it would help me learn to like math someday, lol! How about you? :D