the beauty of Myrtle!

Have you been to one of the many Myrtle Beach Resorts already? Well as for me, it seemed like I've already toured all over Myrtle Beach Hotels by now, lol! My interest for Myrtle started when I did some wiki search about famous places around the world. Am a frustrated explorer and learning about new places and adventure fascinates me the most. According to Wikipedia, Myrtle is one of the best coastal resort city in the U.S. Located in South Carolina, this beautiful coastline offers millions of tourists every year an experience of a lifetime.

Avista Resort should be one of your options if you plan to visit Myrtle. The newest addition to the many oceanfront condominiums, this particular resort allows guests to have their ultimate vacation. Their features and amenities serves as a perfect place for family fun, weddings, events, conventions, golf, and getaways. Truly, it's here you'd get to enjoy the beauty of nature, famous attractions, and unforgettable activities. No wonder, the whole of America considers Myrtle Beach Resort as the no.1 family beach among others, and yes, not only America but other people around the world.

Someday soon, I would go and visit this paradise. Though I do not know when but if that time happens, my words would definitely become pictures.. and will share it here, lol! What a wishful thinking! Sigh..


Seiko said...

This is really beautiful & luxurious place to visit 'though I just seen this place in one of my friends pic here in blogosphere,wish to visit this place somehow.Btw,thanks for the visit & leaved a message as you go.Grin!