mah tee

I've been wanting to make my own statement tees for sometime now. But since my brother went to Cebu, I don't have any idea on how to do it. He's the one who designs and print t-shirts, though I wanted to help but the smell of the paint knocks me down big time lol! But my desire to customize tees is unstoppable. Good thing I found the way on how to at least make layouts and styles as you can see above. With the help of some friends, we're on our first step to realizing it. This gonna be one of our designs, there are more actually hehe! But no this is not for business purposes yet. Just something personal for me and the gang to brag about lol!

Was just thinking to share with you my latest "into" right now. Good night everyone!


amiable amy said...

that is nice...i like it ...simple