mi sabado..

Helleerr! How's your Saturday so far? Well am kinda enjoying it, though it's just the same as many other Saturdays that passed. A friend slept-over here last night, had a good chit chat with her and so as my cousin Veniz. Our stories seemed endless, though it was the same old stories of times bygone, lol! So we hadn't slept really, was forcing my eyes to stay awake but I couldn't fight the urge. I was snoring by midnight already, but Met and Vine where still like buzzing bees. Guess it was already dawn when they've finally realized they needed to close their eyes. But I couldn't blame them, that's what friends are all about right? And Met, she's living soon. Their moving to another city a couple of months from now, which makes us sad. We're all gonna miss them so bad!

Anyway, now I need to take a long nap and sleep early tonight. Got my eye bugs here and the pimples, oh, I can feel its presence soon lol! And tomorrow, it's gonna be the much anticipated special day assembly of JW. Will be busy preparing for it, so I wouldn't be online for the next 24 hours or more guys. I'll see you the day after tomorrow okies? Great weekend everyone!