Sissy Kurdapya and I has been so into Oxygen makeover these past few days. Their generators are so quick and easy to upload, no need for 48 years to wait lol! Now as you can see, miracles do happen! Obviously, they're all wigs and the make-ups are fake. Waahhh! Am just being narcissistic, it happens once in a million years so walang kokontra...moment ko to! LOLOLZ!

As the saying goes, "Aanhin pa si Vicky Belo kung may Photoshop naman." This time around, "Say goodbye to saloons and hello Oxygen!!! devil Pictures, Images and Photos

Presenting the before & after effect... :D

Have yourself a makeover here... Enjoy!!! Free Smileys


amiable amy said...

Pretty cute and you are so is really the woman's crowning glory right? It shows in here. Thanks for sharing girl.