poem del un bata..

A poem written by an African child and was nominated for the best poem of 2005.

when i born, i black;
when i grow up, i black;
when i go in sun,i black;
when i scared, i black;
when i sick, i black;
and when i die,
i still black;

and you white fellows;

when you born, you pink;
when you grow up, you white;
when you go in sun, you red;
when you cold, you blue;
when you scard, you yellow;
when you sick, you green;
when you die, you grey;
and you call me,

Can any other child have thoughts as deep as this? I think so. If only we live life like a child does, everything would completely be different. Why? Perhaps it has something to do with the child's personality. A child is always trusting, and humble. Not afraid or hesitant to ask questions. They are always willing and eager to be taught. They listen attentively and accepts openly. They don't hold grudges, doubts, and wrong motives, maybe some of us adults are guilty of. They also have the simplest yet much important dreams and hopes. They just want to be around with their loved ones and people, they want to and they are happy. If only we, the adults keep the child in us, then this world would be just like a playground, a colorful, refreshing place full of laughter and friends.


mabel low said...

Wow... That's an amazing writing. (: