ouchhh! that hurts...

Which is more painful???

A picture is worth more than a thousand words! Now, take a look at the pictures below:

The first picture shows an affair behind a boyfriend. The second picture show an affair between a boyfriend and another male.
Waaaahhhh! eto and dapat sa inyo... mad Pictures, Images and Photos
BTW, to the person in the middle, why not take a hike nalang kaya. Let them be happy nuh! (^_^)

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amiable amy said...

galing galing...hahaha...TUMPAK...picture launched a million reaction...Good job

'anniniput' said...

hahaha! tenks ate amz... galing nga nung nag picture eh, npaka nya...hehe!

hmmm kung aku yung nasa gitna, chupe nalang ako..haha! let them be happy diba.. :D