wow shoes!

Dare to wear these Ladies?!!!

look at those heels, could anyone possibly wear that?!

very modern! perfect for Terminator wannabes..lolz!

what if this was the glass slipper Cinderella left in the castle? hoho!

I like! You like??? :D

I'd have to say this will be my dream footwear. Funky na, instant panakot pa..hehe!

Pictures courtesy of email junks, thanks! xoxo...!


djtammy said...

wow. i love shoes but i dont like stuff like that! hahaha..kakatakot man yan sis. Maganda yung glass slipper!It will surely caught someone's attention talaga! taz magkano naman kaya ang mga exotic shoes na yan?

KZ200 rider said...

I really enjoyed it, I'll be back for more...and also waiting your backlink, Thanks

A r i e s

'anniniput' said...

thanks XOXO! korek ms tamz, exotic shoes gat ste...hmmmmm magkano nga kaya nuh, gawa nalang tayo version natin...hehehe!

amiable amy said...

i love this too hahaha...very resourceful ka talaga girl...thumbs up!

'anniniput' said...

thanks ate amz..hehehe! malibat na gane ku pinangita unsay ma post dri ui..hehe!