it's because of it!

Am back, but still unwell. I went to the dentist this morning but some things didn't cooperate so my toothy is still here with me. Guess would have to be more patient with this "thorn in the flesh," oh well, this is the result of my recent travel. Did I told you how cruel the weather was in Cebu? The intense heat was a major factor, I'm pretty sure about that. Plus of course my very heavy luggage and over-sized bags! It's fine though, I still won't change a thing lol! But yes I've learned my lesson, that is when on a vacation, make sure to bring along a durable luggage. What I had was made of light-weight materials, not capable to carry heavy stuff. I had to carry it instead of just pushing.

Anyway, pass is pass.(sigh) I need to save so could have a new luggage soon. Hmmm, I wonder which one? Hartman luggage, Tumi luggage, or Briggs and Riley luggage? The problem however is that these stuff are quite expensive here in our place. Good thing sissy told me that this can be purchase online and it's cheaper. She knows a site that offer big discounts on almost every travel accessories and even provide free shipping. Uh, I really do hope she can send one to me!

Thank's ya'll for the hop! Wishing all a very sweet night! (^_^)


DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Hi! Just popping in. I wanted to tell you that I like the penmanship in your logo