I should know...

Two days ago, I was feeling terribly mad and frustrated. Why? Let me tell you. A good friend is soon getting married but it will be held in another city. So yours truly and some other friends plan to book tickets as early as possible. We're so happy and excited to learn about a certain airline company that offered huge discounts in a particular hour during the day. The promo runs just for 2 days so we're like desperate to get slots. I went online to do the booking but it just made me gone insane! After waiting for hours and filling up the forms, in the end it was denied! The reason- I was using the wrong credit cards.

I never thought credit cards could go wrong but apparently it did. Am still clueless with the exact reasons behind the failure but it made me realized one thing, compare credit cards before applying for one. Some may seemed very appealing but there are hidden disadvantages and dangers. There are so many cards being offered these days but it would be wise if we'd know the right one that suits us right? Some good options include a low interest credit card and those that serve a particular need like mine, that is an airline credit card.

Oh well, what can I do? Guess would have to wait for another "Happy Hour" promo again. Sigh.