aid for granny!

As I watched my grandma do the gardening yesterday, i worried about her. We told her many times before not to do it anymore since she have been complaining, that at times she feels dizzy as she stood up. But we see that she really love to do the gardening, and we don't want to stop her, as she enjoys it so much.

I just came to think, while gardening, what if her blood pressure instantly rise without us watching her? How about other elder people who usually don't have companion around? If they'll slip, and loose consciousness there will be no one to help them, no one to bring them to the hospital or even give them first aid. If this happens, it might be too late when someone find them lying unconscious. These are some life alerts! that elder people are prone to.

Like my grandma some elder people today are still active, we cant stop them from doing things that in a way endanger them. I just worry for some of them that are left alone and unattended most of the time.

But thanks to modern science, we are now equipped with gadgets that would alert us right away in case of life alerts! Fall detectors are made available, which would help us know if our elderly get into any sudden falls. Now, even if we don't see our elderly every now and then we can be relieved that we will be alerted in the instant that our elders get into an accident.