nosabe yo!

Am I in Forks?(ambisyosa!) I didn't see Mr. Sun since yesterday. The sky appears so gloomy and sad. For the past few days the weather have been pretty nasty, cold, and chilling here in Asia's Latin city. I hate it cause it'll always trigger my ever dreaded migraine attack! I'm such a wimp lately, in constant unwell mode grrr!

Anyway, just started reading this ebook. I couldn't believe how it consumes my very much precious seconds. I should be hopping and dropping ec instead. My other blog needs some updates to keep it running and I must finish those pile of tasks. Now I do feel guilty. I'm so blessed to keep my PR but I seem to just take it for granted. Running a blog is a serious business, I've realized and a responsibilty as well. But I can't do anything! I could'nt stop scrolling down the pages oh my! Well I guess, this should last for just a couple of days...I hope.

Cold, numb, stiff, sleepy...duh!!! Can anybody hand me a glass of coffee??? I need a HEAD BANG everyone!!!