Sunday spiel...

You guys already know that I've been bugging my father lately to apply for direct TV. Dunno but even my online buddies keeps on telling how good the service and programs are. Well, no need to convince me any further, as much as I would love to but still it depends upon the boss lol! Sissy as well tells me how they enjoy their TV bonding time. She keeps on telling me her favorite international programmings, reality shows, the foodie programs, and yeah, even some educational and child-friendly channels. Grrrr! If only we do have a direcTV as well!

But I guess, this is better for now. If I get to watch more than a hundred channels, all in digital quality and high-definition sounds, tell me would I still have time to blog? Yes, of course! HAHA! I would probably be more connected and in touch with the world. Be more updated to recent news and happenings across the globe, which gives me a bunch of reasons to scribble and blog.. yey!

Oh am pretty sure that most of you are having a good time this weekend. I would definitely have a pleasanter time if I get to watch a movie tonight. Believe me, the last time I saw one was 6 months ago, LOL! I wouldn't be this alienated fellow if we have a directTV my goodness! By the way, heard about A lot loves their fast and quality service, will check this out later, hmmm.. let's see if this is good.