paint my life

I'm not the jealous type of person but honestly speaking, I envy my brother so much! I envy his talent. He do paintings of all kinds from portrait to scenery, oil or charcoal, he does it perfectly. No exaggeration, his works are often bought with a high price. Actually, before he ventured into a new career, we used to have an art studio where he displays all his paintings. Mother would often ask him to draw our family portrait but since he's too busy, up until now we have none. Geeezzz! If only I know how to paint, my drawing looks terrible and stupid lol!

Now why am I sharing this to you? Simply because I want to, duh! ^_^ Anyway, did you know that it is now possible to turn your favorite photo to canvas? Yup! You won't need to pay an artist to paint your portrait, your favorite scenery, or whatever it is! You just have to upload your picture and choose a desired style, whether Oil painting, Pop art, Lichtenstein, graphic, charcoal, and my fave Che! The experts will then customized it and after having your approval, they will now print your photo on cotton canvas using a high quality Epson 9880c printer with original ink. Whoolaah! Your canvas is now ready to be ship directly to you! Isn't it great?

Canvas is something that would last a life time. A forever keepsake for us and our loved ones. I really do hope my brother would find time to paint again, sigh. Oh by the way, if you want to have your Photos on Canvas, just click on the links and it will lead you there. Winks!!!


rhoda said...

ang galing naman..i really would love to have our wedding photo on a canvass..