i-nAs-thma ako!

Where have I been the past few days? Well, I was sick, sick with asthma! Remember I told you that am such a wimp lately and I was having a terrible flu. It didn't get any better and has taken its toll on me last wednesday, after I wrote my last post here..hehe! For 48 straight hours I wasn't able to sleep even just for a bit. Mama keeps on saying "Day, paningkamot ug katulog.." I was like, "Ma, mas importante moginhawa kontra matulog!"

Anyway, so we went to my Pediatrician LOLZ! Yes am too old for that but she's my favorite doctor and I just couldn't say goodbye to her, lol! Thanks to the nebulizer, finally was able to breath with not much effort and close my eyes to sleep again. Now am feeling much better, except for minor attacks sometimes.

I miss bloggy! Actually mama still forbids me to stay for hours in front of lappy so should end here na muna. I'll be completely well soon, strong emoticon Pictures, Images and Photos see you on your blogs and expect my EC as well. Kitakitz!!!