who loves the beach?

"I've been to Georgia and California and to anywhere I could run." Met a painter, a model, a cook, an agent, detective, contractor everything I could imagine. All these and more because I am a blogger, lol! It's amazing to reach the world out there with just your fingertips. Meeting people and different cultures, and yes, going to places without being there myself. Like what I got here for tonight, I'm supposed to talk about North Myrtle Beach Resorts.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is one of the major tourist destinations in the U.S. It offers a magnificent view of the coast line, breath-taking beaches, golf courses, several amusement parks, a spectacular aquarium, over a thousand restaurants, and of course shopping centers. More to that, visitors will experince the truest meaning of relaxation and vacation by staying in one of the many hotels especially those on the beachfront area. One of which is the newest North Myrtle beach resort-the Towers on the Grove. Ideal for family vacations, friendly get togethers, and pure fun, this Oceanfront North Myrtle Beach Resort provides the most wanted comfort, luxury, and beauty every guest deserves. Yet it's very affordable, sure to befriend your budget.

So guys if you want to experience fun and excitement, plan youself a Myrtle vacation soon. Oh by the way, check out the links now for a chance to win a 4-night stay in a 2bedroom condo! Yes, you got it right, a free vacation is up for grabs! Winks!!!


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