weekend plans for you and me

Weekend is just around the corner, what are your plans? Me? I'll probably just stay home and watch a movie. I feel so busted not being able to watch "Transformers" at the big screen. Don't ask me why, I don't even know why lol! Alright I'll tell you, wasn't able to get free tickets that's why! Anyway, there's something I wanna share with you tonight. Since am doing my surfing escapade again, you ought to know what stuff I found interesting and fascinating. Would you like to go somewhere this weekend? Or would you like to have a blast from the past? If so, the nicest place to go is the Gettysburg Battlefield Resort!

It is a private PA RV camping ground located at the southern edge of the most popular battlefield in the history of the "Civil War." Who doesn't love camping at one of the most memorable place on earth? With all the tents, bonfires, treks, and fun-filled activities! Gettysburg camping doesn't just offer you all of these but even more! Would you like to hike the Appalachian trail, or visit the Soldier's National monument, or hop to the "Sweetest place on Earth," in Hershey PA? No, it doesn't end there, Gettysburg Battlefield Resort also offers 40 theme event weekends. The Hawaiian Luau, wine festival, and so much more! The choices are indeed endless for you and your family to enjoy. But what if you're not an RV camper? No problem, they have the nicest cabins and other amenities for you to stay. Oh, if you could, don't miss the chance to visit this one beautiful place- the RV camping Gettysburg!

That's all folks, goodnight! :D