The weather has been pretty nasty these past few days. Super hot in the morning, and then sudden rain showers in the afternoon. I hate it! It gives me this weird, moody feeling. You have no idea how the weather affects my well-being. Everything's sucks, lol! It seems like am transforming into a monster! Dark, gloomy skies will let me see auras and visions, visions that tells me my enemy is coming... a.k.a "Migraine!" I had it last night, Ouch!!! The throbbing kind of pain in the right side of my head was overwhelming. Migraine sufferers, ya'll know what I mean.

I hope Mr. Sun will show up today. When the weather is bad, am worst! :(((


Dorothy L said...

It has been hot/humid and wet here in Florida is no fun at all. A few days is acceptable but after a week it does tend to work on ones mental status that is for sure.

Sorry to hear that you get Migraines....I have not had those and I hope I never do. I have seen people suffer dramatically from the pressure caused by is not a fun part of being human.

'anniniput' said...

thanks dorothy! yeah, having a migraine is not fun at all. I had it since I was 10 years old and until now am not used to it, the pain I mean...

thanks for dropping by.. :)

Princess Sarah said...

was here, thanks for the visit. I was sick too few days ago. Hope everything is well with you. God bless