I want a fan like this!

There's one thing I couldn't live without. Everyday living would be so hard without it by my side, sometimes I cannot even have a good night sleep without its presence. Am talking about ceiling fans here. Seriously speaking, can you imagine a one hot summer day without a ceiling fan? Especially in a tropical country like ours, the weather can be so humid and cruel! I bet every home has a fan somehow, or should I say more than a couple probably.

Since am talking about fans here, might as well do some browsing and find out where to buy the cheapest ceiling fans available. I bumped into Hansen Wholesale ceiling fans and if you're considering to purchase one soon, you might want to visit their online shop. Hansen Wholesale has the widest selection of ceiling fans from all brands and styles. Whether you like it contemporary, tropical, transitional, rustic, Victorian, etc. they all have it. What I like the most is their Fargo style table and floor fan. (photo above) I want a fan like this, lol! Its style is very unique and yet the air movement is much superior compared to other desk fans while the noise is less than half. Isn't it lovely? It kinda reminds us of the good old days, when things were carefully handcrafted with pride. Antique lovers will surely want to have one of these, am I right? You can have this, and now you already know where to get this. Feel free to check their site sometime soon, they have lots of great deals, they even provide free shipping!

Happy Monday everyone!