ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday once again or should I say Wednesday. The note arrived just this morning, PH time. Actually I don't play Ten on Tuesday regularly anymore. But I love this week's topic, lol! Now I have all the reasons to just blow it all up! :D

Here it is...

1. Mr. and Ms. General Knowledge. People who seems to know it all when in fact, all we can hear is blah, blah, blah!

2. Assuming. They should know where they stand!

3. Insensitive. Another word for selfish. Come on, read between the lines. Well, I guess they're doing it to their advantage, how pathetic!

4. Self-righteous. Wake up! We all have our own flaws!

5. Mr. and Ms. Identity Crisis. Who's willing to compromise just to fit in and please others.

6. Plastics. Losers! hehe..

7. Unreasonable and close-minded people.

8. Flirts . There's a big difference between flirting and being friendly, helleeerrrr! Engot lang ang hindi nakakapansin! Hmmmfff...

9. Bad Hygiene and lazy! Ewwww!

10. Mga pacute..hahaha! required???