Parent power!

Sometimes it's nice to reminisce the past, those good old dorky days I should say lol! I think I was pretty much of everything during my childhood years. A dork, sloppy brat who often gets scolded by my parents. When things didn't seem to come my way, I used to yell and just shout it out. But things are different now, although most people say am still a brat but of course not! Let's just say it pays to be a good girl, yeah, I'm being pampered a lot. Hehe! Seriously speaking, I believe that ones maturity depends much on what he or she was like growing up. And of course the unbeatable guidance and influence the parents has on their children. Oh, I would like to thank my parents for that, they're awesome!

Mine and your parents are amazing, in fact they are powerful! The most difficult job in the world lays on their shoulders, that is to train, help, and transform their children to become responsible adults. Since it's a tough job, more and more parents turn to experts and professionals, one of which is the world famous Smart Discipline by Dr. Larry Koenig. A program that has been around for 20 years, it's even translated to 7 languages, and has been taught by over 4,500 schools and institutions all over. Apparently, not everyone can get access to such program but here's a good news. Dr. Koenig has develop something that will even reach more and more parents out there, the Webinar. That's right, the program is now available online! It will be hosted on July 29th by no less than Dr. Koenig. It’s guaranteed to stop the fighting and bickering between kids and get kids to do what you ask the FIRST time without having to yell and scream at them. And best of all, this teaching system is totally free, all you need to do is to sign up to reserve your slots. Mommies and daddies, what are you waiting for?

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