How old are U?

Whether you realized it or not, you are much older than you may think. Biological science tells us that at birth, a woman's ovaries already contain all the ova, or eggs, that she will ever produce. This means that if your mother was 30 years of age at the time of your conception, the egg that eventually became you was already 30 years old.

That probably does not make you feel older, but day by day, you are getting older. Young or old, all of us are aging, and most of us are interested in slowing down that process- if not actually stopping it.

If the first paragraph is true, that means as of the present, am 52 years old biologically speaking lolz! How cool is that? Not quite cool. To be honest am in the state of self-denial that am already 23 years old. Although I still don't see a lot of those laugh lines and wrinkles yet but I've already started my research on how to at least deley them. Like I put milk and calamansi extract on my face, according to mama, that's her dearly loved formula to avoid pimples and wrinkles. I also make sure to apply sunblock whenever I'm out one fine sunny or rainy day. I make sure to drink 8 glasses or more water everyday and try to always eat healthy. Hey, am not vain though lol! Anyway, it doesn't mean that I do not want to grow old, its something all of us can't change and avoid. Well who cares if we add years, we can always feel forever young don't we?

Stay happy, stay cool everyone!