Mui controls Me

Who's Mui? The handsome-looking feline above, that's Mui! Yeah, obviously I love cats, and animals, all of them. Anyway back to Mui, what if I tell you that he controls me. Yes he does! How? For instance, he wakes me up every night in the middle of a beautiful dream just to feed him. I can't just ignore his purr, it's so hard to ignore his purr! I really thought Mui's behavior is kinda weird but as I read the article on how cats control humans, I then know it's so normal!

According to a study, household cats exercise this control with a certain type of urgent-sounding, high-pitch meow. It is even said that there are similarities between cats cry and human infant cries. Cats use such cry to take advantage to humans. Well, now I know why I find it so hard to ignore the so called manipulative meow.

Bottom line is, when it comes to Mui, I just can't complain. Be it for any reason. Either he badly needs to be fed or he just wants to control yours truly, no problem at all. After all he's my baby boy!

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Skippyheart said...

awww ang cute ni Mui!

I am under the spell of my cats too hehe...ay meow pala ^,,^