party goodies!

The gals had a great pajama party last Saturday night. T'was a shower party for 2 good friends who are getting married next month. I didn't mention anything about it here for I don't want to spoil the surprise. Happily they were indeed surprised! The invitees were all present, all wearing those sweetest smiles. The food was great as well and the gifts exciting, lol! Anyway enough about it, let me share more of it in my coming posts. As of now am thinking of another surprise party also for a friend, but this time it's gonna be a baby shower. Doesn't have any solid plans yet but hopefully it's gonna be soon. I bet it'll be so much fun and blissful!

I remember sissy told me about her very own baby shower, she said everyone were so thoughtful and generous. There were a lot of good stuff for the baby like cribs, diapers, baby clothes, and of course toys. I wonder if some of the goodies were from Lou Lou's Corner. Accordingly, it is a specialty store for unique gifts, baby toys, and designer baby clothes. The perfect presents for baby showers like wooden baby toys, stuffed animals from jellycat, appaman, barefoot dreams, kikkeraland, etc are all available in this on line boutique. See this jellycat junglie lion? I super want this for myself lol! Visit them soon and see more of what they have to offer. Oh, back to the shower party, I'll keep you posted about it. :D


amiable amy said...

hello girl, just visiting here...

Thanks for visiting and for the comment, migraine is gone for now...thanks for the concern.

Enjoy your Tuesday my friend.

sweet_shelo said...

hi anne.. how are u.. I want to have a baby shower too.

I wish all would be generous too so I wont have to buy anything or if I still would lack , it would just be less... heheh