My broadband is back...FINALLY! after 98 years,LOL! I've had problems with my connection, then my computer, then the connection again. I talk with the call center agent for about 4 times to explain what the error error is all about, but I think he too was confused as I am...he even called me "SIR" bwahahahah certified najud! But just this morning, I tried to check it again... to my surprise, it was working! But you see, I guess it's really true, a person will never run out of problem. My web cam is messing up so terribly, I want to throw it away!!!! I need my web cam now more than ever. You know why? A family friend of ours whom we haven't see for almost 15 years, and lost contact with for 5 yrs. is finally found! Yes, we are super happy we are able to contact them. So I need my webcam, pro dili sya makisama sa ako karun...grrrrrrr!
Why oh why??? I'm so confused... nosebleed!



E-Tavasi said...

Wah.. nice now you broadband is back.. :D long time ago i also have the same problem.. :) hehehe nice nice happy blogging