10 favorite moments in your countries history

Oh well, kinda hard topic. I don't think I can finish my list..not that good memory,LOL! Anywayz, here it goes...

In No Random Order:

1.) March 16, 1521- The Phil. was discovered by,la,la,la!
2.) June 12, 1898- Phil. Independence (waaahhh..we owe it all to the heroes,ek-ek)
3.) June 1991- Mt. Pinatubo eruption ( the whole world knew about it, sikat!)
4.) the year 1994- thalia a.k.a "MARIMAR" became a phenomena
5.) the year 1969- Gloria Diaz made history by becoming 1969 "MS. Universe"
6.) the year 2005- it was then when my favorite t.v show was aired.."Encantadia"
7.) July 18, 1986- the year I was born! History would not be the same if I haven't been born..waaahahahaah!

oh no... can't think of anything else anymore...nosebleed,LOL!

enjoy your TUESDAY everyone!!!

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