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These are just some facts and trivias very interesting to know!...

Old Shoe Stories, did you know that...

- To relieve headaches, ancient Egyptians would burn a sandal and breathe the smoke.
- To cure a stomach pain, some early American settlers would lie down and place a pair of heavy boots on the belly.
- At one time, an Arab man could divorce his wife by simply tossing her shoes out of the door, much as if he were discarding a worn-out pair of slippers.
- The best-known shoe story is no doubt the Cinderella tale, There are hundreds of versions of this story told by people around the world, the oldest one in print being chinese. It was recorded in the ninth century, some 800 years before the popular Western Version.

How Old Are You? Did you know that...

You are much older than you may think, whether you realize it or not. Biological science tells us that at birth, a woman's ovaries already contain all the ova, or eggs, that she will ever produce. This means that if your mother was 30 years of age at the time of your conception, the egg that eventually became you was already 30 years old!
That probably does not make you feel older, but day by day, you are getting older. Young or old, all of us are aging, and most us are interested in slowing down that process-if not actually stopping it.