Unique Sporting Goods

I want to tell you about some “hip” new sporting goods I’ve come across lately at a sporting goods store I found online. First, I found these sweet no-tye elastic shoelaces that lock together. You know what that means? No more tying shoelaces for me! These shoelaces eliminate the need for such primitive human behavior. They’re one size fits all and comfortable beyond belief. Frankly, I don’t know how I made it through my life without them. I think these would be great for kids and seniors as well because they wouldn’t have to worry about tripping on their shoelaces anymore. Hmm, maybe I’ll buy these for grandpa. He could use them to go with his lace locks. The other thing I stumbled upon was a compression shirt part of a new breed of steel stretch compression shirts, so I had to buy one. It consists of moisture wicking fabric, which means my body has no trouble “breathing” at all. This shirt draws sweat away from the body, so it keeps me cool in warm weather, and warm in cold weather. It’s the best of both worlds. This particular shirt is unisex, and it’s comprised of antibacterial properties that help to eliminate body odor and permeate a sense of freshness. I like the collar on the shirt as well. Very snug. Oh, I almost forgot. I also came across a bullpen buddy, which is an inflatable batter that helps pitchers improve their technique. Getting that for cousin Schroeder and his brother and sister, Edison and Diop.