Los Angeles Hotels

One of the happiest thing in life is reunions. Long lost friends and love ones finally seeing each other once again or at least communicate again is really amazing. My mom is really happy because we're able to contact her closest friend whom we haven't seen for almost 15 years. Their whole family is now in the States, we're just so happy seeing them even only on cam. Now, I have more reasons of wanting to go to America. I want to be with sissy in Tennessee! Want to fly to San Diego and visit ate jerla and family! And want to go to Los Angeles and see mama's friend. They invited us to visit them,LOL!

Los Angeles..the "city of angels." I would love to be there. Maybe I'll get to see some Hollywood stars,LOL! Well, I think it would take so much planning if that will happen, MEN! Daydreaming again! But, nothing is impossible, who knows... When I'm there, I would like to stay in a lovely Los Angeles Hotels or San Francisco Hotels both places i really wanna visit. I found a site at that can help find cheap hotels for us. They have wide selection of accommodations to book from, for instance like Holiday Inn Los Angeles City and Crown Plaza. They we're affordable hotels, yet very nice and beautiful with worth the money. With all its amazing attractions and destinations, surely California is way breath taking place. So, if you plan to travel there, you can start booking with easytobook...just a click away!