whAt laNguage sHould you leaRn?

Wena tag me with this, thanks!

You should learn Japanese
You are cutting-edge, and you are ready to delve into wacky Japanese culture.
From Engrish to eating contest,
you're born to be crazy gaijin. Saiko!
It's one amazing thing being pinoy, we are multi-lingual. We're good at learning other languages. I learned Sign Language 2 years ago, and believe was worth all the efforts. Well for now, I like to learn another more...maybe japanese na! LOL!

i'm passing this to veniz...hehe! ur my favorite kasi!


gen said... this something like a chain something or whaT?hehe..but anyways i'd like to share my idea bout the topic if you won't mind..before i really wanna study spanish..and fortunately when i got into college, it's offered in school so i took, french is what i like to study f given a chance..just like their accent, bonjour, revoir and everything!hehe..