are h0roscopes reliable?

horoscopesI just finish reading this magazine and found an article that I want to share with you. It discusses about horoscopes and how it affect people. Many today even rely their everyday life in horoscopes. But are they reliable?

When you read in the pages that says, "At times you are outgoing, but other times you are reserve. You don't reveal too much of your self to strangers. You are independent thinker and needs proof before accepting it. You have great potential. You know what you want and how to achieve it."
If people think that it does sound like them, they may be putting more meanings into the description than it deserves. The above statements are mostly true for the majority of people, that's a fact. But people will tend to accept statements that seem accurate and disregard those that do not. Researchers found out that if the star signs in the horoscope are removed, people are unable to identify which paragraph belongs to their own sign, but if the signs are included they will believe their own star reading to be the most accurate.
So you see, it's just a matter of psychological effect!