coupLe or tRouble

I really love this korean drama! This was shown on GMA last year but I still keep on watching it until now. My cousins and even papang and my uncle also enjoys watching this show. Good thing we got the DVD,hehe!

The story is about a woman named Anna. A young, beautiful and wealthy lady, but very selfish, arrogant, inconsiderate, hayyy basta... super duper maldita to the highest level!!! Everyone hates her, even her husband! But a twist of faith happened, Anna fell off from her yacht and had an amnesia. Blah..blah..blah! She end up with a man named Eugene, a handy man. He's very handsome, I tell you..LOL! Hayyy basta, if you watch the show you'll understand what I mean. It has everything you want in a show..drama,lovestory,comedy! It's something very irresistible, you just couldn't stop watching it..hehe! I would say, couple or trouble will be my all time favorite..hehe! (just click it if you want to watch the trailer) Oh yeah, this was inspired by a 1987 hollywood movie Overboard, which stars Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell.

ate shei, just click the watch trailer hah...hehe! nice jud ni sya! to ate poray who's a certified kapuso, you'll like this for sure..hehe!


E-Tavasi said...

I will choose trouble hehehe..
i love watch korean drama too :D