PBA live!

We really had fun last night. I'm still in cloud nine actually,LOL! Bro bought 4 tickets to PBA game live here in Zambo. Vine, couple of friends, manong and me went, and we really had sooo much fun! Crowd of people were there, from all ages and from all walks of life. Watching PBA live is a big deal for people who lives outside metro manila. Specially us here who lives at the tip of Pinas,LOL! It was a great game infairness, with only 3 points lead. Hahaha... we couldn't help ourself, we were really having fun during the game. Not to mention, the players are good looking,LOL! I saw Crisano already, needless to say...he was the x-bf of the famous ethel booba...hehehe! Wow, I hope there will be another PBA game here soon.. looking forward for the next one, hehe...and promise, front row tickets najud...LOL!

I'm still in the process of uploading the pictures.. will post it..hmmm, maybe tomorrow..hehe!