that aLL-iMportant sMile

SmileA simple smile is the best way to win friends and influence people. Surveys revealed that the first thing most people notice about someone is his or her smile...NAKS! Nearly half of those surveyed said that they would not do business with anyone who looked unfriendly. Woman managers in particular are more likely to promote employees who smile. The book "The Human Face" says that research shows how important smiling is in society. People often share their confidence, hopes and even money with smilers. Smiling increases the body's production of pain-killing endorphins and people who smile spontaneosly have a more successful life in personal and career terms.
When someone smiled at you, most likely you'll give one of yours too. So always start your day with a smile! Pro ayaw pod sigeg smile bisag nag inusara raka... mura ka anag siyut!