I feel so busted!!! I can't believe that I don't have photos of the PBA game we've watch last sat..which means I have nothing to upload..GRRRRRR! I only took 1 shot with my cp, coz I thought that bro will do the job for me, but he didn't!!! I was so excited to finally upload the pics, then he broke the ice and told me he don't have any...MEN! I should have been more responsible and do the job myself...huhuhu!!! Anywayz, my internet connection also messed up for 2 days! GRRRRRR..again! It's frustrating when you have to do something, but then you can't. Then my PR drop to 2 and I miss my opps sooo much, not that good business for the past few days...Oh well, I feel so dead..LOL! Good thing I still got you...Wink! I have to be on track, focus...focus...focus!