da "Day"

Couple of times I mentioned about my friend's wedding that was so fast approaching. So sad though I wasn't able to attend it last September because of geographic barriers and ya' know what I mean, lol! Anyway, t'was a super success and everything she dreamt of came true. Well am happy for you ate Analou & to kuya Vincent of course. May you be forever inlove and eternally happy with each other!

ahem... ka vongga jud sa mga pictures bah, hehe!


Kurdapyaz said...

sweet niblits... hehe!

Pamela Tan said...

is that annalou? As is Annalou Flores?

OMG, I know her! She's a former office mate ^-^ (Forest Lake)

Oh, please send her my congratulations! Love the pics!

sweet_shelo said...

wow ka nice sa mga photos nila.. Congrats and best wishes to your friends..

MelCole said...

Wow, i am impressed at the motorcyle and the picture glowing effects. Cool! Congrats new couple and best wishes!