after Ondoy

I don't know but for the past few days I seem to just neglect my online duties. What's even worst is that it doesn't bother me at all. So I gave myself an ultimatum, this blogger's block or whatever you wish to call it must come to an end, or else this could be a dead link soon.. oh no!

Alright enough about my uncomplicated life, this isn't about me anyway. I just have to say my piece about Ondoy, the storm that blew us away! I lived here in the Southern most tip of the Philippines and the rain showers and strong winds we had here last Saturday, Sept. 26 was nothing compared to what the people in NCR experienced. You've seen the news and the pictures no doubt and words aren't enough to describe the damage, the pain, and the lost Pinoys are goin thru right now. Rich and poor, no material possession was able to save them during the storm. As if I was watching a movie, with heroes and their acts of heroism, authorities and their power, victims and their plots, and countless of hair-raising scenes befalling upon them. But it's no movie definitely! It was the reality that struck us for just a single day. I honestly wish am there now, helping out and doing what I can. Seeing the aftermath leaves me breathless. The woman below was just among the victims in Marikina, one of the hardest hit by the storm.

photo source here

As of the news this morning, there are 100 plus people reported to be dead. Many others are still missing and many more are still not rescued.

My prayers goes out for them, especially to our many brothers and sisters in faith. Jah will provide escape!


sweet_shelo said...

Ondoy really has devastated the NCR region and it was lucky of our family that we have not been affected by the worst flood that cause a lot of loss among the Filipinos..

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

nakakalungkot talaga ang mga pangyayari...balita ko ay may papadating na bagong bagyo ..hope ay di na maulit pa ang trahedyo =(

Anonymous said...

grabeh jud ka sad.. and now c pepeng napud..

Pamela Tan said...

hi anne!

I was here in Makati when Ondoy struck! So yes, I and my other friends were victims of the heavy flooding. I've got a pic on my blog just when the water starts to seep into the ground floor of the apartment.

Still, we were grateful because all we endured was the ground floor half submerged in the dirty water, so we had the second floor for refuge..I can't believe I went through that... Now I know what trauma feels...

S-H-Y said...

Watching this picture makes my heart breaks, Im really deeply sorry for what happen in the Philippines and I am hoping that they can pass this kind of trials..all my prayers to all victims..