the curse of FB

want's to know where her motivation has gone...Anyone seen it?

Uhm, I think I have an idea where it is. There, I left it all in FACEBOOK! I really do not want to go to FB that much but the voices in my head tells me to do so. Deep inside I'd rather blog, drop ec's, visit blogs, and update links but am just human! Have to take care of my Pet Mui, cultivate my Farm, and explore the Ville. Now who can blame me???

For this my blogs suffer. I know, the PR wave bye-bye already. Grrrrr, I hate you FB! I hate you for making me love you!
Wahahahaha... CORNY! Smileys


jenie said...

NOT AT ALL CORNY! because i feel the same. it's an addiction, this FB. arghhhh!!

BTW, tagged you in my latest post, hope you come visit to see,and join the fun...

New Tips, Trick, Cheat Games said...

facebook again, i love facebook, good content