Tuesday spiel

I was in the mall with my cousin the other day, hunting for the little missy's perfect get-up lol! A work-related event requires them to be at their best and since she trust my taste, of course, I helped her did the shopping. I was tired, if it wasn't for the yummy sandwich we had for lunch, the long walk wouldn't be worth it I guess. Kidding aside it was fun! We had the best view at the restaurant and our taste buds were filled, right cousin? LOL! Since she landed her dream job recently, do you think she's suppose to give me a treat? I really think so! And what better way to make me happy than to spend a day at the spa! Yeah, she knows it's the ultimate treat for me.

On a second note, I found this on line shop that sells the widest selection of spa products and spa accessories in very reasonable prices. For those planning to venture out in spa business, this is the right place for you to check out. I'm talking about Spa Shop Direct, it's here you can find all the stuff you need for that one perfect spa. From towels, blankets, couch covers, blankets, beaded hangers, candles, and so much more! They also have these very neat spa uniforms for the staff and salon uniforms as well. Feel free to browse their products and find all that you need, alright?

Anyway, I wish you all a blessed and fun-filled week guys. See you at your blogs!


Gourmet Candles Distributor said...

I just love a good spa setting. I usually have a bunch of my spa candles set up to create this feeling of escape.

sweet_shelo said...

hi sis, musta mus? been long na di kita na kit-an dri ha..